2020 Summer Programs Opportunities

CEDO offers a collection of summer programs for a diverse group of middle and high school students. We strive to provide greater educational opportunities for young people including individuals from educational, cultural, geographic, or socioeconomic backgrounds considered to be underrepresented in engineering. Our academies challenge young people to explore engineering disciplines through exciting real-world challenges. The curriculum takes a holistic approach to learning focusing on STEM education, personal and professional development, and college readiness.

To be eligible for CEDO camps, participants must be permanent residents or citizens of the United States.

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Program Name  Grade Level Dates Website
Engineering Pathways* Current 7th – 11th

7th: July 23, 2020

8th – 11th: June 28 – July 3, 2020

Galaxy Girls Current 8th & 9th July 25 – August 1, 2020
SMASH* Current 9th  July 5 – August 8, 2020
AI4ALL Current 9th & 10th July 5 – July 17, 2020
Summer College Engineering Exposure Program (SCEEP) Current 11th

July 22 – August 1, 2020

SHARP (Summer High School Apprentice Researchers Program) Current 11th

June 28 – August 7, 2020

Other Engineering Camps Multiple Multiple
University-Wide Camps Multiple Multiple

*Programs denoted with an asterisk require enrollment in SMASH or Wolverine Pathways.