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Engineering OnRamp hosts two 6 week DAPCEP Spring classes; Engineering and the World Around Us & Exploring Engineering.  Participants will be given hands-on tasks to explore the different engineering disciplines that are offered at the University of Michigan and explore the fundamentals of engineering and apply those principles to exciting challenges, like designing a paper boat to hold as much weight as possible.

Current 7th-9th Grade Michigan Residents* $25

Saturday Mornings
February 20 – March 27

SHPE – Exploring Engineering

Participants will explore the science and engineering behind launching spacecraft, traveling on the moon, and living in space through hands-on activities and games. This virtual lunar adventure will be led by PhD students in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan.

GLOW Blue – Nuclear Engineering

“Glow Blue” provides an introduction to basic physics, energy sources, and contemporary topics in nuclear engineering.

Through hands-on activities and group discussions, students will learn the inner workings of a nuclear reactor, why there is a debate over nuclear energy, and how scientists use virtual reality to better understand radiation physics.





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