About us


Michigan Engineering prioritizes building and promoting a diverse learning environment. We believe the diversity of the student body at Michigan Engineering enhances the intellectual experience for all students and creates a vibrant atmosphere for learning.

Further, it is our mission to prepare engineering students for successful careers in a global workforce. To prosper now and in the future, we must exemplify and seek out good ideas, hard work, intelligence, and diligence. Members of the Michigan community recognize and respect the quality of people, not archaic stereotypes tied to race, gender, culture, socioeconomic class, sexual identification, or other notions that hinder progress.

Our mission at the Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach is to provide expertise, leadership, and programming that supports the College’s belief that an excellent educational experience is intrinsically linked to fostering a climate that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion for faculty, staff, and students.

Our work has three components: access, achievement, and inclusion

Our primary goal is to develop engineers who are innovative leaders in a global society.