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Guest Speaker Series

To familiarize students with the design and intent of the new Center, we partnered with one of the largest student engineering organizations, the National Society of Black Engineers in welcoming NSBE Executive Director, Dr. Carl Mack .

Surviving to Thriving: A College-Wide Forum Examining Student Achievement & Success in the College on Vimeo.

Students were also given the opportunity to have a one-on-one with Calvin Mackie, PhD as he spoke on the topic “Down for the 8 Count: Will is More Important than Skill”.

Dr. Calvin Mackie on Vimeo.

The Center also brought in an innovative artist, Patrick Flanagan– founder and creater of the one-man-band JAZARI, to talk about the connections between technology and music.

Patrick Flanagan – Augmenting Musical Performance with Machinery, Algorithms, and Data Mining on Vimeo.

Patrick Flanagan – Jazari – Improvising with Machines and the Aesthetics of Robot Beats on Vimeo.

Patrick Flanagan and JAZARI wrapped up the student launch with a free concert given at Stamps Auditorium.

Patrick Flanagan – Jazari Performance on Vimeo.