M-Engin is the Michigan-Engineering-specific program within the university’s M-STEM Academies. Our goal is to maximize the academic, personal, and professional success of students and prepare them for the global workforce.

M-Engin students form a community within Michigan Engineering with shared activities. The 2-year program begins with a pre-freshman six-week summer transition program and includes customized advising, career guidance, learning enrichment activities, and assistance in obtaining a paid professional summer internship or research opportunity.

For more information, visit the M-STEM Academies website.

M-STEM Coordinating Council

Cinda-Sue Davis
Executive Director, STEM Program Development
Director, WISE Program
Tony DeRuiter
Project Coordinator
M-STEM Academies
Darryl Koch
Director of Retention and Academic Support Services
College of Engineering
Prof. Joanna Millunchick
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Academic Director, M-Engin Academy, M-STEM Academies
College of Engineering
Derrick Scott
Director of Inclusion and Multicultural Engineering Programs, CEDO
College of Engineering
Robert Scott
Director of Diversity Initiatives
College of Engineering
Debbie Taylor
Assistant Director, WISE 
Program Manager, CEDO
College of Engineering
Joanna Woods
Academic Program Officer for College Transition Programs, CEDO
College of Engineering

Shannon Zuniga
Director, M-STEM Academies