ScholarPOWER Initiatives

ScholarPOWER Banquet

ScholarPOWER is a key component of CEDO’s mission to help students advance and excel at every level. ScholarPOWER is a comprehensive suite of educational support services designed to build community and academic, personal and professional development. 

ScholarPOWER Forums
Forums provide interactive academic, personal, and professional development activities and workshops that address a wide range of subjects with a direct bearing on academic achievement. Recent topics have included improving grade point averages; finding the right internship; time management; test preparation and study skills; conflict management; and team building. Many of these forums are facilitated by staff, faculty or corporate partners.  

ScholarPOWER Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction
Partnering with the Engineering Learning Center (ELC), CEDO provides students with free peer tutoring and weekly supplemental instruction. Tutoring is available for most first and second-year core courses in a drop-in format. Supplemental instruction utilizes a small group collaborative learning environment that focuses on conceptual understanding, implementation of strategic study habits for particular courses, and exam preparation. 

Activities by term:
Fall Term

  • ScholarPOWER Forums
  • ScholarPOWER Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction

Winter Term

  • ScholarPOWER Forums
  • ScholarPOWER Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction
  • ScholarPOWER Recruitment Weekend

Spring/Summer Terms

  • Michigan Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (M-STEM) Academy
  • ScholarPOWER Pathways to Success Life Skills Course
  • ScholarPOWER Summer Academic Development Conference