K-12 Outreach: Engineering OnRamp

Fourth graders from the Coleman A. Young Elementary School learn to program Arduino kits to spin motors in order to design and build their “moving diorama” as part of the Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab in the Michigan Engineering Zone at the University of Michigan Detroit Center in Detroit, MI on November 30, 2017.  Photo: Evan Dougherty/Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing

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The Engineering OnRamp (EO) serves as a pathway for a diverse group of pre-college students to discover engineering as a profession and choose the U-M College of Engineering as the place where they want to prepare for their future.  We do this through summertime academies and year-round activities that help students:

  • Explore a variety of engineering disciplines
  • Expand their vision of what they can achieve, and
  • Experience tackling real-world challenges at the CoE

We also equip families with the knowledge, skills, and the ability to support young people preparing for and applying to engineering colleges like Michigan Engineering.