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EO Summer 2020 Review

Galaxy Virtual Program

Galaxy Virtual Program is a one week program where participants learned about Aerospace Engineering and space science through our online platform. Students created their own replicas of the Mars Rover and worked in teams implementing unique modifications to solve real problems that aerospace engineers face in their designs such as how to grow crops on Mars and discovering new elements. They even met Elio Morillo, a Mars 2020 System Testbed Engineer,  and U-M Alumni, from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

“This was my first time in a U of M program and I really enjoyed it. …  [I] felt like I learned a lot. After listening to all the different majors it has definitely given me more options on what I want to do in the future. I just feel like this was a great opportunity to be able to be in something like this. If I had the chance to, I would definitely come back.”

Engineering Pathways

Engineering Pathways is a 2 week program for Wolverine Pathways Scholars to explore engineering as a possible career path and learn about different types of engineering. Students first learned how to code with Arduino and created code to light up and create sounds on their breadboard. During their second week of camp, they created a Solarbot and made modifications to their robots to assist in surviving a zombie apocalypse.

…I was blown away by the quality of the teachers and the thoughtfulness that went into the schedule design.  My son had an AMAZING experience.  I loved the all female staff.  Kudos to the entire team for doing a fantastic job!!!! … My son benefited immensely!


AI4ALL is a rigorous 14 day virtual program that serves as an entry point to computer science focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning for current 9th and 10th-grade students. This past summer, students learned about a variety of AI related topics based on their interests including natural language processing, object detection in sports, medicine & autonomous driving, Python coding, and more!

“Joining AI4ALL you first get overwhelming feeling of confusion because they are trying to huge ideas and teach you in two weeks. At first I felt like I won’t be able to grasp the concept like NLP and Computer Vision. But as the days went on that feeling becomes hardly noticeable. Came in knowing nothing about python, NLP, Computer Vision and even AI but now I am able to input concepts like Language Identification, K Mean Clustering and so on, into code. Which I would say is one the biggest and best impact AI4All had on me”